Power One E031 fault – here is our DIY guide

Power One E031 fault – here is our DIY guide

Got a Power One PVI3.0 or PVI 3.6 with the dreaded E031 fault?

If you’re handy with a screwdriver then you could replace it yourself. See our new video guide below:

Click here for instructions on how a competent DIYer can change a Power One inverter for our Solis type.

We offer excellent replacement inverters in our online shop:

A great replacement for the PVI-3.0OUTD with one string connected is a Solis 3.0 mini. For two-string systems you need a Solis 3.0 dual MPPT. To replace a PVI-3.6OUTD we recommend a Solis 3.6 dual MPPT. All of these are available in our online shop to the right.

Call us if you’re unsure which inverter you require and we’ll cheerfully guide you through. If you purchase an inverter from us to install yourself we’ll happily talk you through the installation.

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