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Uresh Naik
11:02 31 Jan 24
As usual, Stuart has sorted issues that arise promptly, even 4 years after original installation.Totally professional service including aftersales.Very happy and highly recommend.
Rob Ellis
13:07 06 Dec 23
The E031 fault surfaced in my Aurora Power-One inverter, prompting me to acquire a Solis 3.6kW S6 Dual MPPT Inverter. The delivery was swift, and the installation proved straightforward, thanks to the informative videos on the RED Electrical site. Regrettably, the inverter wouldn't start up. Following a discussion with Stuart, it was revealed that the initial Aurora installation was improperly done. After a few wire adjustments, everything was operational. I highly endorse this company for its outstanding product and excellent customer service.
Paul Darbyshire
14:37 24 Oct 23
Lost all power from my Inverter, so spoke to a friend who had used someone before - Stuart from RED Electrical. He can round that afternoon to check his diagnosis, ordered the necessary bits and had it up and running again in 3 days ( including the weekend), all for a very reasonable price. Great service, great guy, honest and dependable. Even recommended another local professional for a different job who arrived as Stuart was leaving.
Jerry Pank
18:11 24 May 23
If you want sage advice, reliable service and a quick response to your enquiries, (even if they number more than a few); Stuart at RED Electrical is the man for you.(you may have to put up with a little Northern wit, but it's a price worth paying! 😂)Honestly, thanks Stuart - your Solis 3.0kW Inverter was certainly a perfect replacement for my knackered Aurora Power One. All working perfectly now.
Nikolaos Kapakoglou
13:24 01 Dec 22
5.8kw installation together with a Tesla powerwall.Excellent communication from the start, Stuart explained every step of the process, why he would install the panels on the specific parts of the roof etc.During installation everything was done extremely professionally with every step explained when a question was asked.It took a while to get the powerwall (blame Tesla for that) but now all in place working brilliantly.I would highly recommend Stuart for excellent service and great value for money!
Robert Gibbs
15:42 22 Jul 22
Very quick service after having a utility loss error on our preexisting system. Would absolutely recommend
Robert Quigley
19:42 03 May 22
Great service. Very helpful. Had a problem with my solar panels and Stuart and his team were able to rectified no problem. Would 100% use again
Graham Fletcher
12:27 02 Apr 22
Great work by Stuart and his team - fast and very tidy installation of 5 solar panels and inverter on garage to add to the 20 on the bungalow - plus new dry ridge as well! All working well and we are very pleased.
Rob Ian
10:02 27 Mar 22
27.03.2022 We realised the solar panels were failing to generate around the beginning of March and emailed the original installers of the system (who we thought were good ) on the 6th March when we received no response I started looking for alternatives and found Red Electrical, I was impressed by the web site and the amount of information available, so we ordered a new inverter on the 9th March which arrived on the 11th March, I fitted it which took around one hour fixing the new bracket and re-wiring the AC plug as it was getting dark left it until the next day to switch on and it worked fine.The data logger was more problematic my wife and I seem to be able to sort most things out between us but we did struggle with this. on following the instructions you get to a page which fails to appear on our phones or computers but we got there and can now see information on the phones, for some reason the Solis Home site is a bit hit and miss with data been difficult to set and hold, the date on my phone is correct but my wife’s is saying 1968 and changing the currency from CNY to GBP was odd but now seems to be correct.We are grateful for all the information from Red Electrical when reading I noticed Stuarts comment about not wanting other electricians meddling with his electrics in relation to car charging, I can relate to that comment with some of the work we have tried to have done here by other people in the past and the appalling standard which is considered acceptable, we are still waiting for a reply from the original PV installers!
John Michael Worthington
19:37 01 Feb 22
Stuart and his team completed a 3.3kwh Solar Panel installation on our house in 1 day. A single row of 9 panels high up near the ridge minimised shadow from adjacent house first thing in a morning. The black panels blend in very nicely with our roof. The battery & inverter installation in the garage are extremely neat. Stuart worked extremely hard, respected our house & took pride in his work.
Andrew Squires
10:42 19 Aug 21
Great service, Stuart worked alongside our roofing contractors to install an in roof solar system and battery and married all this up to Zappi charger etc. Delighted with the results and would highly recommend.
Paul C
22:48 27 Jul 21
I requested Stuart to provide information and quotes etc for PV and storage battery installation. Stuart provided some detailed information as to assumptions of power generation and was very helpful in discussing options available. I decided to proceed with Red Electrical. Stuart and his team installed 20 PV panels, inverter and Tesla power wall in one day. Very impressive.I write this review 5 years after installation and can confirm that all is well and good with the equipment installed. The power projections provided have proved to be accurate, within acceptable tolerances anyway, and the few niggles that incurred shortly after installation were soon sorted out by Stuart. These giggles were mainly inverter software upgrade requirements. Highly recommended.
Crimmey PAD
11:24 22 Jul 21
5.8Kw Longi panels installed by RE end of March. Had a minor inverter problem that was sorted remotely within minutes! Estimated production for April May and June was 640KW each month, getting closer to 800KW. Extremely impressive. Tesla battery installed by RE mid July. Lovely, neat job again and has exceeded my expectations. What drove me to use Stuart was the excellent communication via email and he actually listened to my exact requirements. Other companies tried to sell me what they had or knew about only and wouldn't spec an inverter over the 3.6kw DNO application limit. Due to zero shading, optimisers or micro inverters weren't needed and comparing my solar production to other youtubers was indeed more than the correct decision. The pigeon barrier is a godsend and a total must for any solar installation!! Thankyou Stuart!
Robert Louden
11:12 12 Jul 21
Ordered a replacement inverter delivered next day very easy to install great service
Lyn Jones
08:01 29 Jun 21
Recently replaced my faulty inverter myself , having sought advice from Stuart . Was quoted £822 by an on-line solar company .Purchased an inverter from RED Electrical and completed the job for less than £360 .Many thanks to Stuart for friendly advice and excellent service .
Paul Hannant
11:50 13 Apr 21
Stuart is a pleasure to deal with, providing an excellent service but at great value for money. Stuart helped us to determine the best set-up for our needs and co-ordinated very well with other trades. I have no qualms in recommending Stuart and RED Electrical. Thank you
Amy Banks
17:04 07 Apr 21
Red Electrical have just completed a 6.5kW solar panel installation as part of our barn conversion project. From start to finish it has been a first class service. Stuart explained the process very clearly and the installation was extremely efficient and professional. Completion certification has arrived a few days after the works had been finished which is brilliant. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Red electrical 10/10
Claire Smyth
11:47 05 Mar 21
After months of issues with our faulty solar panel system (the original company who installed them were very unresponsive). We called Stewart and he came out the next day, identified three issues, had the needed replacement parts in his van and got our system back fully working in less than 2 hours. Excellent service!
12:59 30 Dec 20
Professionally fitted and very punctual. Communication was excellent.Recommended10/10
joan wilde
15:22 27 Nov 20
our Solar Panels stopped generating. the firm that installed them are no longer trading after looking at various sites on the computer decided on Red Electrical. the engineer came out within the hour said a new invertor was required went to pick one up fitted it everything done within 3hours. amazing! would certainly recommend.
Barry Deacon
20:31 20 Oct 20
I can only say good things about the whole process from start to finish from the friendly initial contact to the final paperwork with all the the test checks, installation warranties and certificates needed.Stuart installed a PV and Tesla battery system for us he gave us good no nonsense advice about the scale and performance of the installation. His workmanship was first class, turned up when he said he would, worked neatly, quickly and effectively.Can't be more pleased and would highly recommend to family and friends.
Sue Clarke
14:02 07 Oct 20
Stuart expertly installed our solar system including a ‘state of the art’ Tesla battery. We are extremely happy with the way everything works and love our fit payments and lower electricity bills.When we had a small problem caused by a visit from a technician from our electricity supplier, Stuart came promptly and solved the issue straightaway. He continues to monitor the solar edge portal online to check our system is running smoothly.A great service. Highly recommended.
John Morton
15:20 08 Sep 20
Bought a Solis Invertor to replace an old Aurora. Very easy to instal and working a treat. And it's sunny!
Daniel McKeown-Henshall
16:56 02 Jul 20
A quick google search brought us to Stuart and through the lockdown, not the best of times but still Stuart was able to come and from a distance across our garden and via many emails back and forward offer us a solar pv system with Tesla battery storage. He wasn’t pushy or didn’t try any cheap sales tactics on us it was an offer and plenty of time for us to mull over without being pushed. Perfect frankly.From the start and questions and advice it was clear Stuart is passionate about solar and not just a salesman who promises you the Earth. He quoted us for a job and it was exactly as specified and on the day the work was tidy and very prompt with all waste removed or neatly stacked for recycling.Very pleased with the install and looking at previous reviews of Stuart and his company it’s clear the after sales support is as good as the install service. Thanks Stuart to you and your team 👍
Mike Bunyan
07:49 07 Jun 20
Excellent service. Initial proforma was very easy to complete. Stuart contacted us immediately afterwards in connection with our solar inverter problem, and visited us very quickly with a replacement, which was very quickly and efficiently installed. All necessary documentation was receivedsoon after the job was finished. Highly recommended.
Jonathon Harrington
11:35 06 Jun 20
Our first inverter failed after 8 1/2 years and the problem was far too complicated for me to fix and the 'Lockdown' meant that we could not have an electrician here. We bought a new one from Red Electrical and thanks to Stuart Reid some help by telephone my wife and I fitted it ourselves. Would we buy from RED Electrical again; YES definitely particular if Stuart is there to resolve any complications. Thoroughly recommended!
David Snape
14:46 15 May 20
36hrs ago My 8 year old 3kw Aurora One inverter gave up the ghost with a major internal error. I contacted Stuart at Red Eelctrical yesterday morning to order a replacement Solis 3kw 4g dual MPPT inverter and Data stick. Both arrived at 10.00am this morning. Following their downloaded instructions I removed the old Aurora, fitted the Solis completed the hookup with a new cable from the 240v isolator switch, fitted the data stick and powered up successfully and logged in to the data stream on my PC and all done by 12.pm.Great supply and very friendly help from the folks at Red. - well done
Stanley Good
13:08 17 Apr 20
Was in need of a replacement Inverter (my Aurora Power One died of an E031 error). Contacted RED Electrical, and was recommended, by Stuart, a Solis inverter as replacement. After delays in delivery, of which Stuart kept me apprised by phone / text. Unit received 17/04.Having previously removed the dead inverter in preparation, it took just under an hour from un-packing the inverter to it being on the wall and working. No special skills required. N.B. the Solis requires an external earthing point which the Aurora didn't.
09:13 17 Apr 20
My Inverter failed over the Easter weekend. I came across Red Electrical through a web search and fired off an email. Stuart replied very quickly to my questions, helped me with some good advice on diagnosis. I decided to go with his recommendation on a new inverter and installed it myself (it really is a DIY job. I'd class myself as moderately competent but absolutely not an expert). I placed my order in the evening and the new unit was dispatched next day.
Larissa Doswell
16:19 10 Apr 20
We had our solar system fitted in September 2015 but wanted to see how it went for a few months before leaving a review. Oops, 4 1/2 years later I've finally gotten round to it but at least I can give an idea of what you can expect. Over the last 4 years we've generated 3.28 to 3.48 Mwh per year on a 4 kW system.From the outset, Stuart was brilliant. Professional, friendly and very knowledgeable about solar generation. He really stood out as someone with an electrical background rather than a salesman from a roofing company who'd decided to cash in on a growing market. He explained all the options, respective costs, pros/cons etc... so we could be confident in our choices. No patronising, "I could explain but it would be meaningless to you" attitude or downright lies about longevity or electricity savings, unlike the other companies I got round to quote. He and his work buddy turned up on time and pretty much got the whole installation in a day, leaving everything tidy when they left. Apart from the panels on the roof, you wouldn't even know they'd been there.Whilst I'm obviously impressed with Red Electrical, you can only tell how good a company is by their aftercare and here Stuart has excelled. He monitored the system for the first few months to ensure it was working as expected and when I contacted him about changing my router, he responded quickly with easy to follow instructions and offer of further assistance if I struggled. Then in 2018 I noticed one of the panels had stopped registering any output. I emailed Stuart who diagnosed a faulty optimiser, got a replacement from the manufacturer and replaced it with a few days without any fuss or drama. In summary, I've never regretted getting the solar PV panels installed and feel very lucky that we found Stuart to do the installation. Highly recommended.
Ian Stage
08:53 31 Mar 20
Excellent service and advice. Prompt delivery and telephone assistance during installation. Red Electrical were excellent. All being well this will be a 5 star rating in a few years time if the Solis inverter performs as expected.
Charles Davies
14:38 25 Feb 20
Hi I would like to say a big thankyou for the help you gave me and the speed at which I received the new inverter as for fitting it was as easy as falling over .once again a very big thankyou Charles Davies.
John Anzani
13:09 21 Feb 20
Great help even though I never contacted you! Our Aurora based system stopped working recently and a web search led me to redelectrical. The clear advice and helpful approach had taken me to the stage where I was wondering if I could convince them to venture outside Lancashire [I live in East Lothian] and come and look at our problem.But the real benefit was the section about Inverter warranty being different to installation warranty AND the telephone number for ABB which I had spent hours trying to trace. A simple photo of the label and a call to ABB has lead to them identifying an inverter fault and organised a free replacement installation!I wish that I could have put some work your way as I am confident if you are this helpful online then you would be first class in instalation. Good luck for the future and thanks again.
Patrick Dancer
13:23 30 Jan 20
We had to replace an Aurora Inverter and used Stewarts alternative , The inverter was promptly delivered and easy to install , Good replacement product and simple and functional operation , This is the one to use if you have to replace the old invertors ,
Jon Loxton
13:20 07 Jan 20
Needed a new solar inverter after one failed recently. Found Red Electrical to be very helpful. New inverter ordered and delivered very quickly. Installed and working within 30 minutes. Would highly recommend this company.
18:28 09 Dec 19
Stuart came along to survey where we wanted to put the Tesla battery and was knowledgeable and explained the process simply so that we retired folks could understand! His price was thousands less than another local company.He kept in touch until the battery was available and set a date to fit it. He was prompt and just lovely. The work is really neat and the battery, with its amazing software, is a delight to watch - much better than daytime TV!Cannot recommend him highly enough.
12:01 30 Nov 19
Our system in France failed, we googled the error code and quickly found that: a. the inverter was finished but b. there was a cheap and simple solution. One conversation convinced us, the new unit was delivered, we installed it today, and it was up and running in no time at all. Big thanks to all at Red electrical, and for those abroad I can tell you that it is just as simple with foreign systems
Baden Cleasby
14:45 26 Oct 19
This company was so helpful, and explained a few things that we were unsure of. Brilliant customer service. They weren't to pushy but were very happy to help. Would not hesitate to recommend them.
Mike Cannon
16:14 15 Aug 19
Had the error code come up on my Aurora inverter the one that makes it terminal...……..oh deep joy I thought. After much research I came across Red Electrical and saw on their website it was possible to change an inverter yourself. After a chat with Stuart I felt quite confident in undertaking the task. I found him to be a very genuine and helpful man. I purchased a Solis 3.6 inverter with a data logging stick and for peace of mind an extended warranty. It arrived next day and I fitted it with no problem at all. The logging stick proved to be a problem and took a little longer but a call to Stuart next day he very quickly opened an account for me to reach the required software and the problem was solved in no time. I have no hesitation in recommending Red Electrical as a company and cannot praise Stuart highly enough for his knowledge and efficiency. Well done!!
neil Wilson
07:53 18 Jul 19
I found RED Electrical when my Solar PV inverter had died and the system stopped working. I spoke to three other companies who wanted over £1000 to come and diagnose the fault then fix it.However Stuart's website simply described in clear language just how straightforward it is to buy an inverter and do it myself, at half the price.I placed the order Sunday, received the inverter Tuesday and had it installed and generating Within 45 minutes.Essentially if you can lift the Inverter, drive in three screws, and install a plug, you can do this.Great no-nonsense service which I have already recommended to friends who have Solar PV.
gerard jones
12:24 12 Jul 19
Can not rate Red highly enough. My solar system had stopped working, they gave me advice over the phone and when the fault meant a new inverter they came out very quickly replaced and guaranteed for a very reasonable price and a wiring fault made by the installers years ago was found and fixed for free. My system is already producing far more than before. Thankyou.
Clayton Hartley
18:52 04 Jul 19
When our existing solar inverter packed up Stuart not only recommended a good, well-priced replacement but assured me I could easily change it myself—which I did, saving me the cost of paying an installer. (If you can wire a plug and screw a mounting plate to a wall then it is a doddle.) He is happy to help by phone or email and answers all queries quickly.
Duncan Chappell
05:08 13 Jun 19
Truly excellent service. Stuart was one of a number of people I contacted after my inverter developed a fault. (Another contractor did the initial installation but is no longer in business). Stuart’s responses were always quick and very helpful. I am very glad to say that with his assistance we now have a replacement inverter working fine. I would whole heartedly recommend him and his company.
Andy Glastonbury
15:34 06 Jun 19
I needed to replace my PV Inverter (quickly). Stuart was excellent and really helpful. A new Inverter was ordered a received the following day. Brilliant.
john rock
19:08 31 May 19
I don't often review products, but felt I had to to justify the service received from Red Electrical. I purchased an inverter, extended warranty and data stick. I received excellent advice regarding the product and next day delivery. Stuart had set up my account and the whole process of replacing my inverter took 10 minutes from taking it out of the box to installation, app download and generation. Most importantly I couldn't find the product cheaper elsewhere. I would recommend this company.
Mark Huddy
08:10 31 May 19
Stuart always prompt in getting back to you. He advises well and won’t sell you something you don’t need. Quick polite service with warranty provided.
Maryanne Shriane
10:49 26 Apr 19
Thank goodness there are still honest, decent and reliable contractors out there like Red Electrical. Highly recommended. Very happy. Thank you.
Paul Prescott
18:14 08 Apr 19
Stuart was able to attend promptly and carry out a full analysis of our Solar PV system which diagnosed a faulty inverter with everything else working within specification. After installing a replacement inverter (Solis) we have been very happy with the outputs which have been noticeably higher than with our original inverter. Stuart was also helpful when we needed him to write a letter to our insurance company to claim for the replacement cost, which helped us enormously. Thank you.
Neil Keates
18:20 05 Apr 19
Very helpful, very honest, very knowledgeable, and after all the advise Stuart gave me about fault checking my inverter and then sending me details of a an equivalent replacement with prices and a couple of phone conversations I could of easily bought from elsewhere because I then knew what I needed and might of found it cheaper! But I never, and I'm so glad I placed the order with Stuart. The package turned up the next day as promised, packaged perfectly and if I needed any advice I knew he was on the end of the phone. Thank you for a very reliable, honest service 👍
Karyn Sullivan
17:44 15 Mar 19
Stuart is a very nice man, honest and reliable, service second to none. Trust this man he will not rip you off in any way
Alan Lloyd
13:49 10 Mar 19
Alan LloydYour review will be posted publicly on the web. Learn moreFrom the initial discussions through to a superb installation of solar panels,Stuart has shown great professionalism and integrity. He has worked in appalling weather conditions yet delivered on time and followed this up with accurate ddocumentaion and advice. I would highly recommend Stuart and his firm to anyone wishing to have solar panels installed. Very refreshing. Adding photos
15:15 03 Mar 19
Stuart and his two colleagues worked through very cold rain, and completed the job in a day. Firstly I wanted to say a big that you for a high quality in so many ways. I’d like to think if I’d had a business like yours, the “Gold Class” standard that everyone would want to achieve, would be exactly what you are doing. From our initial chats, through to a superb installation, and a brilliant post documentation pack, I’m just so impressed.
Ron Hayes
09:55 02 Feb 19
Up and running in a day and a bit,,worked through the rain and cold great man ,very helpful It works great,,,Thanks Stuart
Lyndon Turner
12:59 01 Nov 18
Recently had a PV system and Tesla battery installed, Red Electrical has done an amazing job, if you are looking for solar, look no further than red electrical I would recommend them to anyone. Cheers Stuart regards Lyndon
Mal Fry
19:19 19 Oct 18
Stuart has recently offered some very insightful information regarding what to look out for when installing a Solar system. His advice has helped me to become better informed and he offered this assistance to me without any obligation. I do not live within the area that he operates so he will not benefit from giving me advice, but kindly offered it anyway. I would like to say a big thank you for your time and advice.
Dennis Jackson
10:48 17 Oct 18
Excellent service. 22 Solar panel installation in one day. Very pleased with the service, highly recommended. A very professional service with detailed quotation. Stuart takes you through quote and describes all options available and any extended guarantees. Most importantly the installation come with an Insurance backed guarantee for the installation.
Anne Gott
14:32 29 Sep 18
Stuart came, quoted and installed within the tight time-frame we were hoping for due to the falling feed-in tariff's. His team were very fast and efficient on installation day and cleaned and tidied up afterwards. All systems "go" except for a failed inverter after a couple of weeks, diagnosed a manufacturing fault, and quickly replaced by Stuart. Very satisfied with the work and happy we now have hot water heated by the sunshine as well as doing our "bit" for the environment and obtaining a reduction in Direct Debit to the electricity company of nearly £30.00 per month!
Quiet Ken
22:07 26 Sep 18
Website description and vids on replacing inverter were clear(mostly) and reassuring. Telephone enquiry was similarly helpful. I could have got the inverter for a bit less but thought the service above was well worth the extra so ordered. Now fitted and running .Thanks.
Philip Thompson
17:01 21 Aug 18
Absolutely delighted with the service I received. This is a guy who knows his profession.Good advice. Really pleased
Richard Govan
16:37 05 Jul 18
After a visit from a Specialist Installer I contacted Stuart whose simple and informative information saved spending £4000 pounds. 18months later our Aurora inverter failed and I contacted him again and he organised a new inverter which arrived in less than 24hrs. Quote from him 'It is easy to install just follow the instructions'. After further consultation with some technical questions (Stuart must have doubted my common sense) inverter installed and working perfectly. Red Electrical deserve every plaudit for helpful and considerate help. Many Thanks for your help and assistance. Have already recommended you to others.
Andi Philp
17:18 02 Jul 18
Diagnosed poorly matched system over the phone and suggested an improvement of a dual inverter to replace 2 separate ones. Yield has improved as promised. Thank you!
Mark Holdstock
08:08 12 Jun 18
More than three years ago a friend, who is an environmental consultant, told us that our roof was south facing and therefore was ideal for solar panels. When building work was planned, to adapt and extend the house, we decided this was an opportunity to install solar panels and a battery to store any excess electricity which was in excess to the power being used by the house during the day. Red Electrical was recommended during a chance conversation, and we decided to go with them. Throughout the installation of both the panels and the Tesla Powerwall battery we have been highly impressed with Stuart’s knowledge of the installation process and his ability to deal with any arising issues (which were minimal in number). Both the panels and the Powerwall worked from the very beginning and thanks to the apps it was obvious from the very beginning that the panels and the Powerwall were making a difference (in the summer a big difference) in terms of a reduction in the amount of electricity we buy from the National Grid. The monthly figure for June 2018 is that we are generating 88% of the electricity we are using. Having a Tesla Powerwall battery means that the house is solar powered even in the middle of the night. Having Stuart operating as a tradesman rather than a salesman, really does make a difference, as he understands the full picture of the way that the technology works, which is vital if an installation such as this is to work. All in all dealing with Red Electrical has been a very satisfying experience.
Simon Edwards
10:03 25 May 18
Helped me out with a solar inverter fault. Excellent service and good technical advice. New inverter was easy to fit and now back up and running.
paul foster
18:16 24 May 18
Excellent service and value for money. Quick diagnosis of the fault, and part changed with minimum fuss.
James Harvey
16:25 04 Apr 18
After my Aurora Power One inverter failed 3 months out of warranty, with no interest from my original supplier in any form of goodwill, I contacted RED Electrical to see if there were any repair options. Stuart confirmed my fear that the error was fatal and recommended the Solis 4G unit as a great low cost unit that's a simple DIY install. The inverter arrived next day and is indeed a simple install being almost plug and play. If you can install a 3 pin plug, you can replace a failed inverter with one of these. I saved 2/3rd's of the price that my original installer wanted to fix the issue - great service, very happy 🙂
Andrew D'Alton
23:51 03 Apr 18
Very glad to have found this company. Spoke on the phone and was told it could be a number of things causing the problem. Stuart gave me a few things to try that might fix the problem before he came out. Didn’t work though and a site visit was needed.As suspected a new inverter was needed the cost of replacement was slightly less than I expected and the work was completed quickly.Very happy and certainly recommend this company.
brian Woodward
13:03 30 Oct 17
Following a fault on my solar system I phoned Red For assistance on Friday. Stuart attended the following Monday at 09-30 and following a quick diagnosis he found the fault to be no more than a tripped circuit breaker. He recommended replacing it with one which he considered to be more suitable for my system. Following fitting, the system sprang into life instantly much to my relief!My main concern was not to be ripped-off by a cowboy who did not know his job as the opportunity was there! I need not have worried: Stuart was honest, polite, expert, speedy and efficient and I cannot recommend him more highly.Engage him and you will have peace of mind!
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