Inverter faults

Inverters are mostly reliable and should last for many years. However, any electronic device can malfunction and inverters do contain components such as electrolytic capacitors, varistors and relays that all wear out with age.

The most common fault we deal with is where the inverter has gone wrong. Sometimes they die completely, other times they report a fault. This can sometimes be an actual inverter fault, such as a failed relay, or it can be that the inverter has detected something wrong and has shut down for safety reasons.

Where there is still warranty left on the inverter, we will raise a claim with the inverter manufacturer and obtain and fit a replacement unit. The majority of inverters will have a five year warranty, although there are exceptions to this.

If the inverter is out of warranty, we will quote for a good quality replacement with a ten year warranty. There are also upgrade options available for a premium system with a twenty year warranty that will outlast your Feed in Tariff.

Inverter faults require two repair visits, one to diagnose the fault and then one to repair or replace the inverter.




SMA (a.k.a. Sunny Boy)

Solar PV repair enquiry form

Complete the fields below as fully as possible and this interactive tool may provide an instant diagnosis. The more information you provide, the more effective it is.

If you know you require a visit from a service technician then please be aware that we are in Lancashire and can only travel within Lancashire and neighbouring counties.
Please note that we are a small company and can only offer a call out service within a reasonable travelling time from Chorley, Lancashire. We can send spare parts and replacement inverters via courier anywhere within the UK.
e.g. Are there any fault codes or messages on the inverter screen? Any unusual noises or smells?
If your inverter is at fault then we will definitely need to know what panels are connected to it. Many companies installed a poor choice of inverter the first time round. If we know what your panels are then we can get you the right one.
Please select an option. If not known then please choose 'Unknown'. If not listed please choose 'Other'
Your inverter model number and serial number can usually be found on a label on the side or underside of your inverter.
If it's around 5 years, is it over or under? This is important as most inverter warranties are 5 years.
Why do we ask this? Certain companies made consistently the same mistakes/short cuts with their installations and this often gives us a clue as to what might be wrong.
A picture speaks a thousand words! If you have any photos or other documents that can help us understand your installation then please upload them here. Particularly useful are photos of the inverter model number sticker, the connections into the inverter and an overall picture of the inverter area showing all isolators etc.
I acknowledge that RED Electrical normally offers call-out services within Lancashire and neighbouring counties only and further distances are discretionary.

I understand that the standard fee for a local site visit for diagnosis or repair services is £120 inc VAT.