Tesla Powerwall home battery

Powerwall 2
Powerwall is the game changer for battery storage. It can take full advantage of Time Of Use (TOU) electricity tariffs such as Octopus Energy’s Agile and Go schemes, or Economy 7, and can even keep things ticking along in the event of a power cut!

Powerwall has 13.5kWh of useable storage. This is equivalent to running a 60 watt light bulb for 19 days!

Note that we cannot offer Powerwall on a supply-only basis – it must be installed by a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, such as ourselves. You can read about the requirements for a Tesla Powerwall in this case study.

Make the most of your solar panels by storing your surplus electricity

Powerwall helps to increase the amount of electricity used in your home from your solar panels. Powerwall will always charge up when your solar PV system is producing surplus electricity, preventing that electricity from being exported to the grid. It then uses this surplus electricity to reduce your electricity bill.

Time-Of-Use (TOU) electricity users

Another exciting benefit of Tesla Powerwall is in homes that are on Time Of Use (TOU) electricity tariffs, whether those homes have solar panels or not. Powerwall works excellently with TOU tariffs.

These tariffs offer different electricity prices during the course of the day. The traditional TOU tariffs are Economy 7 and Economy 10, but newer entrants to the electricity market have pioneered innovative electricity tariffs that enable owners to use their Powerwall to the fullest. You can read our blog about the Agile Octopus electricity tariff by clicking here.

We are now on the Agile Go tariff which you can read about here.

Keep your home going during a power blackout

During power cuts Powerwall will automatically keep your important loads running, including allowing your solar panels to keep producing and charging/discharging as normal. Powerwall will keep the lights on, maintain the electricity supply to your boiler and controls, prevent the frozen food from defrosting and maintain the broadband so you can keep working. Powerwall allows you to set a portion of the battery to reserve for these events.

The Tesla App

Stay connected with the Tesla App

The Tesla App allows you to monitor electricity flow from your smartphone or tablet.

You can see where your power is coming from and going to. It even shows your solar production, whatever type of solar PV system you have.

The Tesla App also allows you to control Powerwall features such as Time Of Use tariff information, and the percentage of capacity to be reserved for power outages.


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