Has your inverter failed? We can supply your replacement inverter at the right price quickly. If you’re local to us we even offer an installation service. If not, any competent electrician can do it (no registrations or notifications required for inverter swaps).

In our experience many installations have unsuitable inverters, for example too small or too large. We can advise on compatibility of any of our inverters with your solar panels. Please contact us for more information. We’ll need the make and model of your solar panels to help you with this.

Browse our Goodwe inverter range for outstanding warranties at unbelievably low prices!


Immersion controllers

PV system spare parts

If you require anything not listed then please ask. We can source most reputable makes and models of PV equipment.

PV kits, inverters and accessories are supplied directly from stock for delivery to anywhere in the UK. Debit and credit cards are accepted, or you can make a bank transfer. For export enquiries please contact us.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Stuart Reid

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