Next solar PV tariff regression not until January 2015

Next solar PV tariff regression not until January 2015

DECC Solar PV installation figures

DECCs newly published figures collated from the MCS and RoofIT databases for July show a continued strong recovery in the residential solar PV market which has now surpassed the pre-March ‘boom’ month figures with registered <= 4kWp installations in July of 32MWp being 27% higher than the February figure of 25MWp.

Forecasting solar PV has never been easy but it seems likely that installations in the Oct – Dec 2014 period will exceed the threshold of 100MWp thereby resulting in another 3.5% cut in the FIT rate for residential systems on the 1st April 2015.

This will no doubt lead to a peak of installations in November and December and a lull in January if the pattern of previous cuts is repeated.

This is a trend that could continue throughout 2015 with 3 or 4 quarterly drops in the FIT rate for <= 10kWp systems likely based on current market trends.

Further information can be obtained from the DECC website here.