Self consumption of solar PV yields

Self consumption of solar PV yields

Getting free electricity is a great thing, and it’s even better at the end of every quarter when you get paid for generating it! However, it’s even better when you can store the power and use it later on. There are a couple of methods of doing this:

Solar iBoost

The iBoost is a very cost-effective method of storing the power; it uses the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder to divert electricity that would otherwise have been exported, into the cylinder as heat. Not everyone has a hot water cylinder, but those who do should not be without an iBoost. Click here to visit our iBoost webpage to find out more.

Hybrid inverter with battery storage

Many customers have asked for this before: a solar PV system that can provide power for their home during the day, and rather than export the surplus electricity, use it to charge batteries. When the load increases to more than the solar can provide (i.e. when larger appliances are switched on, or when it does dark), power is taken back from the batteries and supplied to the house.

This type of arrangement obviously costs more than a conventional PV system, but enables much higher self-consumption of the generated electricity.

Click here to visit our page on the X-Hybrid system.

Self consumption of PVAsk us about self consumption systems today!

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