We accept credit and debit cards

We accept credit and debit cards

At RED Electrical we know we’re trustworthy and that your deposit is safe. In common with all other MCS accredited companies, your deposit is insurance-backed as standard.

However, caution is no bad thing and for that extra level of protection, you may wish to pay your deposit by card or Apple Pay. We won’t charge you a fee for this*.

Section 75 protection

Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, the credit card company is jointly and severally liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the company.

This means it is just as responsible as the retailer or trader for the goods or service supplied, allowing you to also put your claim to the credit card company.

You don’t have to reach a stalemate with the retailer or trader before you can contact your credit card provider – you can make a claim to both the retailer and credit card provider simultaneously, although you can’t recover your losses from both.

This right is particularly useful if the retailer or trader has gone bust, or it doesn’t respond to your letters or phone calls.

The item or service you bought must have cost over £100 and not more than £30,000.

However, to claim under Section 75 you don’t have to have paid more than £100 or the full amount on your credit card – the card company is liable even if you made only part of the payment (a deposit, say) on your card.

It’s the value of the goods you’re buying that is key – not the amount paid on the card.

For example, if you ordered a new sofa from a furniture store and paid a £60 deposit with your credit card and the balance of £600 by cheque, you would be covered for the whole £660 if the dealer went out of business and you didn’t get your sofa.

Section 75 gives you the same rights against the card company as you have against the retailer.

*Maximum deposit by card or Apple Pay £500.