GEO Solo II universal solar PV monitor

Our favourite universal monitor is the GEO Solo II PV, which is available on Amazon by clicking the link to the right. They’ve been around for a long time and will work with any inverter, so you can keep using it if you ever need a replacement inverter.

Overview. The Solo II PV solar monitor helps you make the most of your solar PV installation by providing real-time visual feedback on the electricity you’re generating.

Use more of what you generate. When the green finger icon illuminates, (when >750W is being generated) this prompts you to turn on high-load appliances to use your generated solar.

View live and historic data. See how much power your panels generate at any given time. See your data in kW, ££s earned from FiT and CO2 saved.

Monitor home temperature. The Solo II PV has a built-in sensor to monitor and display indoor temperature.

Easy self-installation. Simply attach the LED sensor over the flashing pulse on the front of your generation meter, power up the transmitter, then power up the display.

Your Solo II PV Kit

  • Solo II PV Display
  • Transmitter + LED sensor


  • You will need to have solar panels installed to use the Solo II PV.
  • Compatible with both single-phase and 3-phase supply.