Alpha Smile Energy Storage System

Alpha Smile B3 with emergency blackout power sockets mounted above

New for our 2020 product portfolio is the Alpha Smile home battery. This product is a stylish all-in-one unit with a great app. If you don’t need the power or capacity of a Tesla Powerwall then we really recommend this battery.

More and more homeowners are going solar to reduce their electricity bills and protect the environment for future generations. A battery system allows you to go even further by storing surplus solar generation for use at any time, increasing your savings and providing additional backup power in case of a blackout (up to 3kW).

The Alpha Smile system also allows timed charging so that you can take advantage of time-of-use tariffs such as Octopus Agile or Go (Read about our experiences so far on the Agile Octopus electricity tariff).

All easily monitored and controlled via the app or any internet browser.

As it’s a.c. coupled, it doesn’t affect any Feed in Tariff arrangements and will work alongside any manufacturer’s solar inverter or microinverters. The Alpha Smile B3 boasts 2.9kWh of storage (2.8kWh usable), and can be expanded in 2.9kWh steps all the way up to a massive 17.4kWh.

Market leading quality, without the corresponding price tag, the Alpha SMILE B3 offers cloud monitoring, modular format for expansion at a later date, 96% DoD, superb performance and long life-span. And with a footprint of just 610mm by 236mm it will fit into small spaces.

Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types
German design, superb performance and long lifespan
Multiple operation modes available
Compatible with both new installations and retrofits

The Alpha Cloud offers real-time monitoring and control of your battery from the web or from their app.


Be part of the energy revolution by installing a battery storage system today.

From £2995 fully installed. Click here to view the range.