20 year inverter warranties – know the facts

20 year inverter warranties – know the facts

Some of our competitors offer an impressive twenty year warranty on inverters. On the face of it, this looks like a great deal, especially when they tell you that a new inverter would cost you over £1000 + VAT.

There’s nothing special about the inverter they’re supplying – all they are doing is including the cost of a manufacturer’s warranty extension in your quotation (the cost of such an extension is around £500 for most 4kW inverters).

It’s worth knowing that a good quality 4kW inverter with a ten year warranty costs under £600. Three years ago, such an inverter was double this price, so it’s fair to assume that in ten years’ time the price will be even lower.

At RED Electrical we believe that you’re better off with a good inverter with a ten year warranty. If it breaks when the warranty’s up, then it won’t cost a fortune to sort out, so why fork out the extra £500 up front?


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